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What exactly did you do on OS X and what does not work?

I posted this request because of feedback from large companies. According to this there are a lot of average users who don't really understand how Git works and don't want to learn it - they just want to commit their changes. It would be in the team's interest to hide potentially dangerous commands for those users, so they can't damage anything by mistake.

SmartGit already saves its settings as files (in its settings directory - see the about dialog for its location). You may create a repository for this directory on your own.

Aurelijus, please try the Vivacious-unity-zblackout-aqua dark theme.

This is a context menu that contains menu items that can operate on the selected files. Stash does not operate on selected files, but always on the whole repository. Hence I voted against this request.

Mark your repository as favorite. This will automatically fetch the latest changes.

The Output window is just that: the output display. If you want to use a command line, you can open one from the repository's context menu.

Maybe you misunderstood. In the SmartGit preferences you can configure the sync-order - either push, then pull or pull, then push.