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I've did not wrote that tabs can be dragged to a different window. But inside the same window tabs can be dropped on top of each other (so the "tabs" really make sense).

You already can select the directory in the Repository's view. For those who prefer at tree-like display we already offer the Relative Path table column since SmartGit 8. With a real tree we would have different items in the control: directories and files, resulting in possible duplicate selection: what should happen if a directory and some files inside it are selected?

Of course you can drag one tab on top of another - just drag it to the center of the target tab.

IMHO the unified diff view is harder to read but has the advantage of needing less horizontal space.

I've understood exactly this. Currently, we just fill our compare with the file contents and the view compares them itself. Using a diff output would require to first have the compare result and then fill the view. This would require major refactoring effort - for the benefit of a harder to read result.

The "diff" view is not the preferred view but just the simplest implementation because it is the result of an invoked command and hence used by plain Git command wrappers.

The "Dark theme" option in the SmartGit preferences, page "Built-in Text Editors", only has influence to the built-in text editors. I'm currently playing with a full-app-theme but the API is extremely limited and hence the results very bad (see the above link).

What exactly did you do on OS X and what does not work?

I posted this request because of feedback from large companies. According to this there are a lot of average users who don't really understand how Git works and don't want to learn it - they just want to commit their changes. It would be in the team's interest to hide potentially dangerous commands for those users, so they can't damage anything by mistake.