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Clone a local bundle file

Alexandre Gambier 7 months ago • updated 7 months ago 0


In the current clone window I can only select a remote repository or a local directory but not a local bundle file created with the command git bundle create...

To restore it using the git clone command I have to use a shell session.

By the way. To create a bundle with SmartGit I added a custom tool to bundle the whole repo, but how can use it just for a specific branch (selected with the mouse) ?


Ability to invoke diff tools (F4) from commit dialog

jaap.weide 7 months ago • updated by Thomas Singer 7 months ago 2

I miss the ability to refer back to what is actually in the changes when I am writing the commit message.


Import/Export custom tools

Alexandre Gambier 7 months ago • updated by Thomas Singer 7 months ago 1

It would nice to add Import/Export to the custom tools so it can be easily shared co-workers.

The best would be to select what tools are exported.


Log: Indicate about available commits at origin

Gxost 8 months ago • updated 8 months ago 2

There should be some indication about available commits if opened repository is marked as favorite


Appearance settings (fonts, sizes)

Ilya Zlobin 8 months ago • updated by Marc Strapetz 6 months ago 3

It would be super if user will be able to choose UI options as such as font and its size. It need for customize an interface compactness and presenting more information on one screen.


Add fossil support

Dan Gibson 8 months ago 0

Fossil is lacking a good gui. Since SmartGit supports git and hg, perhaps it could support fossil too?


Show diff between feature branch and develop branch

burbelgruff 9 months ago • updated by Thomas Singer 9 months ago 1

When we create a new feature branch and make several commits to that branch, we lose track of what changes this branch contains relative to the develop branch. We have to create a pull request (in VSTS) to see the changes between two branches. We want to see this list of changes before we create a pull request.


ssh ed25519 key support

fniessen 9 months ago 0

Please support ed25519 keys for ssh connections to avoid the flaws in dsa/rsa keys


Implement an equivalent of git check-ignore -v

Pierre Goiffon 9 months ago 0

Sometimes you can't understand why a specific folder/file is ignored... On the CLI the git check-ignore -v is perfect for such use case. Would be nice to have something implemented directly in SmartGit, with a nice output !


Add "Add Branch" to branch RMB menu

james.perrin 9 months ago • updated by Thomas Singer 9 months ago 2