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Add per-repository --git-dir option

Sebastian Neuser 9 months ago • updated by Marc Strapetz 6 months ago 4

Sometimes developers want/need to move the git repository (aka. .git directory) out of the working directory. The CLI provides an option --git-dir=/foo/bar which allows one to specify a custom .git directory location. As far as I understand, this can not be done with SmartGit.

It would be really cool if we could configure this on a per-repository basis.


Offer Downloads without the prebundled additions.

Jezza 10 months ago • updated 10 months ago 2

I understand the idea behind shipping known and tested versions, but I also don't want a couple of different versions of the same software on my computer, so would be nice to offer an advance download.

Currently, I have to delete and symlink the folders, but would be nice to just point it at the folders, as I couldn't seem to find where the JRE folder was set in the config.


Add 'fetch' command to toolbar

Dan Gibson 10 months ago 0

I can pull and then select an option to only fetch, but a toolbar button to go straight to fetch would be useful for me.

Also nice would be a way to pull without the dialog that comes up (perhaps only show the dialog when shift is down)?


Allow hiding (or at least permanent disabling) of 'Commit & Push' in the 'Commit' dialog

Bruno 10 months ago • updated by c600g 10 months ago 2

The Commit dialog has 3 buttons in the bottom right: Commit, Commit & Push, and Cancel.

I would like to be able to either remove or permanently disable the 'Commit & Push' button. This button tempts users to Push before a final review of their commit. Also, being in the between the two more likely options a user will use, it has an increased chance to be pressed by mistake.

An entry in the could be used for this.


Sorting tags in 'Add Tag'

Jacob Dall 10 months ago • updated by Thomas Singer 10 months ago 5

Currently, tags are sorted from a-z, which in our case results in newest version tag being shown last. Please make it possible to change the sort order, maybe also by time when added. Also, it would be nice if tags could be filtered. 


Allow to edit the file even if it contains mixed line endings.

vanags.mikus 10 months ago • updated by Thomas Singer 10 months ago 1

I am working on project for several years (on Mac and Windows). I do not care what line endings are there and I do not want to change them, because then Blame function will show, that I have changed all the lines and it will become useless. I want to be able to remove some changes in commit view in files with mixed line endings.


View differences on commit window

Yves 10 months ago • updated by Thomas Singer 10 months ago 1

When you would like to commit (or commit & push), it would be fine to have a 'Differences' button to see changes made before you commit them.


Searchable help

<LS> 10 months ago 0

It would be great to have searchable help navigation.

- Searchable help (and settings)

- Offline availablility

- Popup-help, e.g. when mouse pointer hovering over item e.g. 'untracked', it could show resolution or issue id with url/link (this should be a setting which can be disabled in settings)

I hope this request is not a duplicate (See also 'Searchable settings', but not the same)

Kind regards


Syntax highlighting: improve Perl regex highlighting

Johannes Ernst 11 months ago • updated by Marc Strapetz 11 months ago 1

It gets tripped up here:

if( $test =~ m!^(.*)/([^/]+)$! ) {

Here's another:

$localFileName =~ s!.*/!!;


Remove dropdowns from toolbar buttons

Sergey Ivasenko 11 months ago • updated by Mikhail Chuprakov 6 months ago 18

SmartGit 17.1 Preview 13. Please, remove dropdowns from toolbar buttons. There is a menu for all commands, tollbar is only for most often used ones. Feature distracts a lot!