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Support for Git .mailmap file

steffel 1 year ago • updated by Marc Strapetz 1 year ago 0

In some of our repositories we have commits from developers with different Name, but with same email address (short name, full name).

git already supports user name mapping by using a "mailmap" file, so only one name will be display in e.g. the git short log. SmartGit should support this, too.


Syntax Highlighting: support for VB language

punchypie 1 year ago • updated by Marc Strapetz 8 months ago 0

Please add support for Visual Basic (both "classic" and .NET) in the list of languages recognised by the syntax highlighter. Currently the "Basic" language only supports the original version with uppercase keywords.


changes scroll during commit

matt.higger 1 year ago • updated by Thomas Singer 1 year ago 1

very minor:

I'd like to be able to scroll through the changes while writing the commit message.


support/offer git-imerge incremental merge scheme for simplified conflict resolution

ck05 1 year ago 0
git-imerge tries to simplify merge conflict resolution by doing "incremental" merges. It would be great if SmartGit could also offer such a scheme to simplify testing of merge results

Create "CTRL + Q" key binding

Stephan 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 2

Simple one: I'm used to closing apps with CTRL + Q rather than ALT + F4. Could you please create an alias keybinding to allow this?


Log, Details: add a hyperlink underneath the PR number

Jean-christophe MANCIOT 1 year ago • updated by Marc Strapetz 1 year ago 0

When reading the log of some public repository like Ansible in this example, all pull requests appear without specific link, just the number & title, so we have to make a search to discover some details about each PR.

My proposal is to- add a hyperlink underneath the PR number to the corresponding PR on the repository web site, even if the PR is closed (see screenshot, whoops, we can't add some).
The call is easy: repository_URL/pull/PR_number, at least for GitHub.

Journal: option to show remote and local commits for an auxiliary branch

Ed_S 1 year ago • updated by Thomas Singer 1 year ago 0

In the Journal, it would be nice to be able to show the remote and local commits for an auxiliary branch at the same time. For example develop and origin/develop. This would be really helpful when working on a feature branch.


Remotes context menu: Push to... preselects the selected remote

ck05 1 year ago 0

When the context menu from the "Remotes" list is invoked and "Push to.." is selected, it would be nice if the remote on which the context menu has been opened would be preselected.

I found myself more than once almost pushing to the wrong remote.

Alternatively, there should be an entry in the context menu named "push to this remote".

After all that's why it is called a context menu, because it should respect the context. Other context menus of SmartGit use that logic.


Blame Window VCR Controls for Navigating Commits

Steve James 1 year ago • updated by Marc Strapetz 1 year ago 1

It would be very helpful to have some "VCR Controls" (arrow buttons) in the Blame window to navigate between commits.


Window Layout: add named workspaces (in addition to "Main" and "Review" perspective)

Steve James 1 year ago • updated by Marc Strapetz 1 year ago 0

I find that sometimes if I close a view in the SmartGit workspace I forget how to get it back. Also, I imagine that different users have different tastes in what consitutes and efficient SmartGit workspace. It would be nice if the current layouts and dimensions of views could be saved as a named workspace that could be called up later.

Essentially, the Main and Review "Perspectives" are pre-defined workspaces. All I am suggesting is to allow users to name and use other arrangements of workspace views.