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Add a 'Terminal' to the customizable toolbar

michel.bernert 2 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 2 years ago 3

Currently it seems that the only way to open a terminal for a repo is to right-click on the repo in the list and click "Open in Terminal".

It would be nice to have a shortcut in the toolbar that opens a terminal for the current repo.


Repositories view: filtering options

Peter Steiner 2 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 0

It would be nice if there were filtering options for the repository pane like:

  • Show repos with incoming changes (green down arrow)
  • Show repos with outgoing changes (red up arrow)
  • Show repos not on the default branch (i.e. master)

Syntax Highlighing: support for user-defined language

Toralf 2 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 0

I use a scripting language Autohotkey. And i would love to see Syntax highlighting in smartgit for it. 

Since I have seen several requests for more support of syntax highlighting for other languages, I assume it makes sense tha smartgit should  provide an interface that allows users to „define“ their own syntax highlighting and associate this to a file Extension.

If there is already a possibility to do so, please point me in that direction.

Thanks for considering 


Log, Files view: include files of submodules

Bugged 2 years ago updated by Mackenzie Zastrow 1 year ago 3

Related to: 


If I have a opened and selected submodule with changed files like this:

And I select the parent submodule:

It does not show the changes for the opened submodules like the Working Tree Window does:


Command-Line Options to open file in File Compare

bssnmail 2 years ago 0

Add command-Line Options to open file in File Compare.

Something like

smartgitc.exe --blame C:\path\to\repository\path\to\file:400

but that shows current (non commited) modification on passed file like on double-click in main window


Commit dialog: sort untracked files behind modified files

stevep 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4

At times I have a lot of unversioned files, when I commit, these are not differentiated from tracked files and the tracked files are hard to see. Could tracked files be put at the top of the list.


Font size too small

nmatt 2 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 2 years ago 7

The smaller font size (like under the toolbar buttons) used in various places (e.g. explanatory text in messages boxes and Preferences sheets) is too small for my eyes. The small font used in tag/branch markers in the Journal view is a problem as well. It would be great if font sizes wouldn't go below the standard UI font size, or if this would be adjustable.


Display 0 changes 'Working Tree' entry (Log as main Window workflow)

Bernard Poulin 2 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 5

I often want to know if I have pending changes in my working tree (and if I do what are they). On the command line this is "git status".
In SmartGit, this is looking at the Working Tree view and seeing no files in the file pane.

In the new Log as main window workflow, there is no clear place to look since the Working Tree entry is not present in that case. Not being present might just mean it is scrolled out. Yes, I know the current commit I am on is set to "bold" but this is not very reassuring, I would much rather see the `Working Tree` entry always with 0 changes instead.

Marc Strapetz 2 years ago

> Shouldn't this be set as the default when switching to Working Tree as main Window?

I don't think it's more reasonable to use this as default. It's simply a matter of taste.

> In Permanent mode and Working Tree clean, I think the index should show only 'on demand'. Maybe this is a bug?

Either everything on demand or everything permanent is reasonable to me. So again, a matter of taste. If you want to have a third mode or a corresponding low-level property, please create a new topic.


GitFlow : display only latest n support branches / tags

Pierre Goiffon 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

When SmartGit is configured with GitFlow, branches are grouped by category. You get a "support" and "tags" tree node in the branches view.

As I'm working on a project that has 10 years oh history, there are a LOT of tags, and same for support branches.

Would it be possible to display the last n items for each, with a "view more" clickable link to display the rest ?


Log: allow reset on my current commit in the log view

bernd.schotanus 2 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 0

In smartgit 18.1 I am allowed to do a reset on my current commit if I do this via the Journal view. (to clean up my workspace)

But when I am in the Log view, and I select my current commit, the reset option is disabled.

This seems strange, that I can do a reset in one view, but not in the other.