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File compare: use red or other highlight color instead of green

Dennis 3 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 3 years ago 1

Currently changes are highlighted in green background which is harder to see if you have green text around your changes. Instead, code changes should have e.g. light red highlight (similar to what Beyond Compare diffing tool does).


Support floating windows/tabs.

Derrick Southerland 3 years ago 0

I'd like to be able to float, e.g., the diff tab so I can easily toss that on another monitor.

I don't want to open a full diff window because that is not tied to my active selection in the main SmartGit window.


Add a preloader to "Github Projects" window

Impworks 3 years ago 0

When you clone a new repo and pick a project from Github, the Github Projects window should display a progress indicator while loading the list of projects. Currently it just displays an empty list for a couple of seconds, which gives the impression that there are no projects available.


Support Git repositories as SVN-externals

intel_478 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 0

The .gitsvnextmodules that refer to regular Git repositories are being checked out as SVN, instead of regular Git submodules.

If this Git repository resides on GitHub SmartGit does not support it. (svn: E204900: Can't clone an SVN repository from GitHub. GitHub uses a non-standard SVN server and hence those repositories can't be cloned with SmartGit.)

Also there is no option to add a remote Git submodule via the GUI and the option for a local Git or Mercurial repository is greyed out.

However, adding a remote Git submodule to a SVN-Git bridge checkout via command line works and SmartGit picks it up OK.


Blame: UTF-8 support [SG-10461]

mutoe 3 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 3 years ago 0

My file is UTF-8. In the Log window the Chinese characters show up normal, but
in the blame window the Chinese characters show up garbled.


Add the ability to say warn/block before pushing to a remote

Travis Plunk 3 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 1

I have remotes, which I have Write access to, that I never want to push to using SmartGit.  Allow me to configure SmartGit to restrict somehow pushing to those remotes.

This does not need to apply to the command line as well.


preference to ignore or set fixed line endings and file permissions

UserXYZ 3 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 3 years ago 3

I develop on Linux and windows the same code, so I don't really care what line endings are used where.

I do prefer to have Unix line endings everywhere because in Windows, my editor knows what to do about them but in Linux, it is better to get rid of Windows line endings.

So, I'd like to have a preference to enable one type of line ending that would be carried away to all copies of my code.

Even better option would be to have a logic that would somehow detect the line endings on the origin, and convert as I want it on local, automatically.

For example, if I create a repo and make some source files on Linux, then push it to GitHub for example, then clone it on Windows, it would be perfect if SmartGit would convert all line endings to CRLF on "download" and back to LF on "upload".


Functionality to create a range of patches, all labelled sequentially

Wilbert van Dolleweerd 3 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 2

In the log view you can select a single commit and use the 'format patch' functionality to create a single patch.

However, I frequently have the need to select a range of sequential commits and make patches for each commit.

Basically the same functionality as for example 'git format-patch -3' to create 3 patches from the top 3 commits. SmartGit does not seem to provide this functionality. Why not?

No format patch available?


Syntax Highlighting: support for DataFlex language

Marco 3 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 3 years ago 0

Please add DataFlex as a supported language for the Syntax Highlighter.


Kind regards



Allow doing SmartGit actions when an action is being executed

Ram Rachum 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

This is something I wanted for years. Oftentimes when I'm doing an action with SmartGit that takes a few options, I can't do almost anything else in the UI until the command is finished. This means that a big chunk of my time using SmartGit is spent twiddling my thumbs, waiting for SmartGit to finish something so I can do the next thing.

Here's an example: I'm on the dev branch and I just amended a commit, now I want to reset master and origin/master to it. so I go to log, (1) check out master, (2) reset master to my commit, (3) push master, hitting "replace", (4) check out the dev branch again.

For each of these actions, I have to wait until it's finished before I can do the next. It's annoying. I wish I could do them rapidly one after the other, and SmartGit could execute them asynchronously. If one of my actions results in an error, then stop the queue and let me know, but that's likely to be uncommon.