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Tutorials about using SmartGit and explaining repositories

shany 3 years ago • updated by Thomas Singer 10 months ago 0

I wish I could understand more about different concepts of github instead of continuously calling my boss!


Log: Copy Relative Path when multiple files selected

tokodilajos 3 years ago 0

In the Log window when you select multiple files in the files tab, you can't use Copy Relative Path. You can use it only when one file selected.


When commit, update headers

Pillo 3 years ago 0

when commit add (if is the first commit of file) or update a header on files with user details (who create the files, who update the files, the time and date, etc) sorry for my bad english


Support Github Flow

kros 3 years ago 0

Support Github Flow


Provide key binding for opening Log for entire repo

Ram Rachum 3 years ago 0

I often want to open the Log for the entire repo, very rarely for a specific file. So I want a keyboard binding (say Ctrl-Shift-L) that opens the Log for the repo. I'm tired of switching to the Repositories view and pressing Ctrl-L


User tools on the popup menus

gsimard 3 years ago • updated by Marc Strapetz 3 years ago 6

Provide a mechanism where the user could add their own actions in the list of actions on some popup menu.

Take this popup for example:

Open and Open File will both invoke the program associated with the file extension. I do not always want to open the full IDE for a file but simply edit (UltraEdit) or browse (V Fileviewer) or Zip or copy the file someplace else.

It would be nice to be able to add actions to the popup list.

Marc Strapetz 3 years ago

In the Preferences, section "Tools" you can already configure tools. Isn't this what you are looking for?


Branch-specific commit prefix

Ruslan Zasukhin 1 year ago • updated by Thomas Singer 1 year ago 0

When create a new branch, add one more textfield Branch Prefix.
So I can type here, for example, "UniversalSet".
Then each my commit to this branch get automatically prefix [UniversalSet]:

TODO save this to remove GIT server also, so other developer commits also will be prefixed.

yes possible todo prefs:  Add Branch Prefix.

yes it can be empty


Remove files incompatible with the current .gitignore

David Rodrigues 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2

If you create a file like "abc.txt", commit it, then create a gitignore to ignore that file, this file will keep being part of the repository. So a solution like "removed ignored files" should be great.

It could be done automatically, like an suggestion to user just remove a new ignored file from repository, or as a tool option (via menu).

It basically do that:

git rm -r --cached . 
git add .


File compare: as in Beyond Compare, e.g. right side has lines removed, show them as empty

Dennis 2 years ago • updated by Wolfgang Gauch 2 years ago 4


File on the left has code that was removed from the file on the right when comparing different versions of the same file.

As in Beyond Compare diffing tool, show matching but blank line(s) on the right. That way both sides will be shown with matching lines on the same eye level. This is especially important if larger chunks of code were removed on one side. The current functionality will show just a narrow line on the right side.

This could be an option to toggle in settings.