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Notify when TODO items are found in code

woltman 2 years ago • updated by Thomas Singer 2 months ago 6

I'd like for a notification to pop up when committing code that has TODO comments in it. IntelliJ's git plug-in does this. It looks through all the code you're about to commit and if it sees any TODO comments, it says something like "You've got outstanding TODO items, are you sure you want to commit this code?" and it lists the file name, line number, and the contents of the TODO note.

The feature can be disabled if it bothers the user, but I really like having it as a reminder.


Commit: option to select/deselect all files in the Commit dialog table

Мишко Владимир 2 years ago • updated by Thomas Singer 1 year ago 5

Have an option to checkout branch automatically after fetching that branch using "Fetch More..."

Fenn 2 years ago 0

I've fallen victim multiple times fetching a branch from my remote repository (right click origin > "Fetch More") and committing to what I think was the branch I just fetched. In reality, I forgot to double click the branch after fetching it which to me seems redundant. It'd be nice to have a checkbox with a default option of "checkout after fetching branch"


Log window should be the main window

Rui Castro 3 years ago • updated by Marc Strapetz 1 year ago 5

Log window should be the main window.

The current unstaged and changed files should be visible in the log view.

It should be possible to stage/unstage/commit files in the log view.


Integration with SublimeText

Matej Kloska 3 years ago 0

It would be nice to synchronize bidirectionally SublimeText projects with SmartGit repos. If I have project in Sublime, I'd like to see it as repo (if git initialized) and if I have repository in SmartGit I'd like to quickly switch between project based on repos in Sublime.


Order files by how much changes were made.

soulkey4 2 years ago • updated by Thomas Singer 2 years ago 1

would be nice to have identifier how many lines of code changed in file


sincronize all branchs one click

Ricardo D. Quiroga 2 years ago 0

In one click sincronize with the server all server branch


a way to keep track of todos and ideas

Peng 2 years ago 0

Delete vs Remove: better names for both operations

Hans-Hendrik 2 years ago • updated by Thomas Singer 2 years ago 1

Hello to the team,

I always forget: what is "delete" what is "remove".

why not "delete file" and "remove from Git"



Autosyncing favourite repositories

Emanuele Tonello 3 years ago • updated by Colin Richardson 3 years ago 1

Favourite repos will already auto-fetch new commits by other users. It will be nice if it was possible to automatically pull those changes (optionally of course)